Hi, our names are Amanda and Alannah, mother and daughter from FNQ, Australia. I wanted a mummy makeover and my daughter wanted a breast lift and liposuction to her thighs. I was so very nervous since we had never been out of Queensland before and to travel overseas was huge for us.
So I started researching sites about overseas surgeries and came across ‘Thailand Makeovers’. It was easy to follow so, I contacted them. Marryanne replied to me promptly and it was so nice to speak to someone from Australia as well. She was extremely lovely and she didn’t mind answering the many questions my daughter and I had.
So I built up the courage and confirmed with Marryanne to book the flights and doctor appointments. Still scared, Marryanne reassured us that she would be there with us the whole time. When the time came, Marryanne sent through the check-in details for the flights whilst always checking in on us that we were safe and on the right track.
We got to our destination where transport was waiting for us and to escort us to our accommodation which Marryanne had organised earlier for us.
We settled into the beautiful room where we finally got to meet our Marryanne, who has been our support from the start. The next day we had a beautiful breakfast at the resort, and then after that, Marryanne picked us up to go see Dr Suthat, who was the loveliest doctor. He was so caring and could speak understandable English as well. Marryanne comes into the consultation with you in case you need her help in any way.
Then it proceeds to blood tests, x-rays, and any other tests that need to be done.
After that, there were all the correct payments and papers to be signed, and Marryanne was with us, constantly talking to them, getting the best price, and making sure they were not ripping us off. Once all that is processed, the staff takes you to the room and gets you prepared for surgery.
We never once felt scared or unsure of what was happening because Marryanne was overseeing everything. The staff at Yanhee Hospital are so sweet and are constantly making sure you’re okay, which whom we were able to muck around and joke about.
Dr Suthat is super caring and is very concerned for his patients. I loved my results! He did such a good job and I had hardly any pain.
Our experience from start to finish was amazing. During our stay in the hospital, Marryanne would even bring us chocolate cake and whatever else we asked of her!
So, if you are like us and feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, my daughter and I highly recommend going through ‘Thailand Makeover’ with the lovely Marryanne.
We could never have done such a huge thing without her. Thank you so much!