A genuinely satisfied client

I appreciate the excellent service provided by Thailand Makeover, especially Maryanne, who was attentive from my arrival to departure. Feeling truly cared for, Maryanne listened to my needs, showcasing her expertise in running the business. Dr. Suthat’s remarkable results exceeded my expectations.

I would unquestionably book with Thailand Makeover and Dr. Suthat again.

A genuinely satisfied client.

Go ahead and change your life for the better

Everything about my surgeries were organised by Maryanne at Thailand Makeover. I have been twice to Bangkok for surgery with her now. First surgery I had breast implants and tummy tuck and again this year for old implants out and bigger implants in.

Dr Suthat is lovely, if he doesn’t think what you are asking for is realistic, he will tell you that. Maryanne will be with you the entire time she won’t leave your side the day of surgery. Anything you need she is there to help and to get you through it all. I was nervous too but thanks to Maryanne, she made it really easy, once I had my post – op appointment with Dr Suthat I was happy to go home, I think mine was 7 days after surgery and then I flew out the next day, I was fine on my flight, I was able to walk upright too without having any pain. I just got the drivers and the airline to help me with my bags.

Everything is so simple when I book with Thailand Makeover. Go ahead and change your life for the better

Thanks Mia

Being unhappy with my body became my normal

Being unhappy with my body became my normal. I was resigned to ignoring anything below my neck in the mirror.

A breast lift, arm and inner thigh liposuction, extended tummy tuck and waist contouring would have cost me around sixty grand in Australia and there was zero chance I’d ever be able to afford that.. then I found Thailand Makeover and Maryanne and from that moment on – getting the body of my dreams started to become a reality.

Everything was so easy, I can’t express that enough – I’m still pleasantly shocked everytime I see myself in the mirror!

If you’re ready to change your life and you’ve realised you don’t have to be resigned to hating your body for the rest if your life… take a chance on Maryanne and Thailand Makeover – you won’t regret it!

Hannah D

Pleasant and Delightful Experiences

I’m Bec, and I have had breast implants in 2016 with Thailand Make Over & more recently a tummy tuck and Blepharoplasty surgery in 2023 with Thailand Make Over.

Thailand Make Over , director& coordinator Maryanne and her team of Amazing Doctors have made my experiences pleasant and delightful

I am looking forward to returning to Thailand in June for an upgrade on my breast implants with Thailand Makeover

Definitely Recommend Maryanne , Thailand Makeover and her team of Doctors and their nursing staff at Yanhee International Hospital Bangkok

Thank you Maryanne
You are a true gem

Amazing Experiences

I have had two surgeries organised by Maryanne, both times she has proven herself to be kind, attentive and very informative,
leaving me feeling completely comfortable with the whole process.
The hospital exceeded all my expectations with caring and friendly nursing staff, and the surgeon taking the time to fully explain
everything clearly.
I have now recommended Maryanne to four friends who have also had amazing experiences.

Life Changing Experience

What a life changing experience. I managed to lose 70+kg and decided to take the leap and get an extended tummy tuck and arm lift. I was incredibly nervous going by myself, but Mez at Thailand Makeover made me feel so confident in the process. She was with me every step of the way and the support she offered is beyond amazing. I am so happy I made the trip, and I’ll be back for more.

Successful Transition

My name is Chrissy, I am about to return to Thailand to complete my bottom surgery to
complete my transition from a male to a female.
Thailand Make Over – It’s director/ coordinator and her team of Brilliant Doctors have made
my dream come true.
Maryanne has held my hand all the way through, from the moment of enquiry, to the
moment of return to Australia. She has an amazing skill set in acting as the diplomatic
interface, between patients wants and needs to the advice, capabilities and brilliant cutting
edge skill set of her world class medical team of Doctors.
The accommodation is like a five star executive suite, with Pool and Sauna/Gym – plus one
of Bangkok’s most sought after sky deck restaurants. You have a choice using this as your
lavish home base to explore the restaurants and entertainment – which is only within a few
minute’s walk…. or cook your own food at home, with a supermarket nearby.
The hospital is world class – you stay the specified nights at the hospital and then you go to
the lavish hotel resort.
Maryanne is so on the ball – she does not miss a beat. You will get even better than what
you set out to get and her duty of care is second to none. Maryanne makes problem solving
a science… Making the whole experience flow.
I am looking forward to returning to Thailand Makeover to complete my journey and making
my dreams come true.
Thank you Maryanne
Chrissy Hilton-Wood